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Upwork Enhances Its Enterprise Platform

Upwork Enhances Enterprise Platform
Written by Hussein Yassine

Upwork recently introduced new upgrades to its Enterprise area. The company aims to make it easier for businesses to handle remote work by enhancing the features of its talent platform.

Why is Upwork Making Changes?

With COVID-19 taking its toll on businesses worldwide, many companies are migrating to remote work to adapt to the unprecedented conditions. 

With such an unusual shift comes a variety of logistical, operational, and technical issues that can be intimidating for newcomers to the online work environment. Many such issues are specifically related to the central management of off-site workers.

The companies that need to make this switch most are already hurting. To help ease their pain, Upwork Enterprise set out to help businesses cut through the barbed wire that is remote talent management.

Recent Changes & Upgrades

Upwork’s Enterprise platform provides customers with a range of knowledge workers and agencies, allowing them to grow and scale their remote workforce quickly. 

Recently, Upwork Enterprise added the “Bring Your Own Talent” feature, which allows companies to onboard their existing, off-site employees for centralized management through Upwork. This option enables optimal payroll and cost management systems, in addition to collaboration and customized reporting.

Upwork has also implemented a “Work Protection” feature through which clients can see the results they expect from their hired remote workers. 

“As leaders in the remote workspace, we understand the urgent need that many companies now have to find a comprehensive workforce solution to help manage their talent needs,” said Hayden Brown, President and CEO of Upwork.


Along with the aforementioned features, Upwork Enterprise offers customers a range of remote work strategy tools, including the following:

  • An advanced matching technology that identifies top matches from Upwork’s talent database, which allows clients to quickly rehire trusted professionals.
  • Sourcing experts who significantly speed up the hunt for the required talent.
  • Worker classification support, which ensures legal compliance.
  • A wide array of dedicated and flexible support teams.
  • Automated payroll support in over 160 countries through a unified monthly billing..
  • Efficient, streamlined on-platform onboarding and contracting processes that allow professionals to start work quickly, with minimal administrative delays.

Notably, in a recent appearance on the popular investment guidance show “Mad Money,” Hayden Brown said that the global shift to remote work during the coronavirus pandemic “is now mainstream and here to stay.”

Upwork recently released its first-quarter 2020 financial report, which showed remarkable growth in its revenue, and their commitment to enhancements and upgrades seems to support their numbers.

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