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Not Focused? Why Going Your Own Way Isn’t Wrong

Not Focused
Written by Lex DeVille

Ever been told you’re not focused? I have. People think because I don’t do things their way that means I’m not focused. But that’s not true, and I can prove it.

If you’ve ever been told you’re not focused because you walk your own path, maybe this article will help you feel better about your choices.

Proof Going Your Own Way Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Focused

Imagine it’s Sunday and you tell your friends you’ll make $100 by the following Friday. There are a lot of ways you might earn $100 in a week. So you just pick one. You launch a short video course on Monday and it generates $20 for you. 

On Tuesday you realize you need more money. You could promote the video course and it might sell more, but you decide to sell a pair of shoes on Craigslist instead. You make $10 from those shoes. 

Wednesday rolls around and you’ve made $30. You’re out of shoes, and it feels too late to promote the course. You ditch both ideas. Instead, you decide to write a couple of freelance articles.

You land a gig and make a quick $30. Awesome! You try to land more writing gigs, but nothing pans out for the rest of the day.

By Thursday you’re frustrated. You can keep applying to article gigs, or you can take a children’s book illustration gig. Illustration is more work, but the pay is $40. You decide to go for it, land the illustration gig, and make $40.

It’s Friday, Were You Focused?

Okay, it’s been a whole work week. Monday through Friday. You had five days. Your goal was to earn $100 and you were all over the place! You were so not focused it’s not even funny…right?

Why don’t we do the math?

The video course generated $20. The shoes were $10. The article was $30. The illustration was $40.

$20 + $10 + $30 + $40 = that’s right..

You made $100. You reached your goal.

Who Cares How You Got There

You didn’t take the approach other people thought you should. So what? You made $100 by Friday and that’s what you set out to do. To others you look unfocused. But the truth is, you never lost focus at all.

So they can STFU!

Focus is about getting the results you want. That’s what I believe. You have to know the end result. Know where you are going. As long as you focus on that place, and as long as you keep moving toward that destination…

Then it doesn’t matter how you get there.

Some people take the interstate and others take back roads. Some fly and some sail and some even walk. You might get lost sometimes, but as long as you know where you want to go, you’ll never be “not focused.”

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