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Freelance Spotlight: Isaac Solomon

Freelance Spotlight Isaac Solomon
Isaac Solomon
Written by Isaac Solomon

Editor’s Note: Freelance Spotlight is a monthly Q&A designed to celebrate the successes and acknowledge the challenges of freelance entrepreneurship. Each freelancer offers unique skills and abilities and has their own personal story to share.

What’s Your Name?

Isaac Solomon

What’s Your Freelance Skill?

Blog Content

How Many Years Have You Freelanced?

< 1 year

Tell Us About Your Freelance Business

I mainly use Upwork for freelance projects. I have worked on product descriptions, medical content, website descriptions, and Facebook descriptions.

When Did You Know You Wanted to Become a Freelancer?

Mid 2019. I wanted to break free from traditional jobs and have the freedom to manage my own work.

What Motivated You To Become a Freelancer?

I was inspired by other freelancers and how they got paid to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

What is the Best Part of Being a Freelancer?

I enjoy learning about new businesses and the new products they want me to write about. It’s a great way for me to broaden my horizons, grow their business, and increase my skill set.

What Are The Biggest Freelance Challenges You Face?

I am relatively new to the industry and I am just starting out with my portfolio. Also, most of my work is ghostwriting so I can’t really claim much content to show others.

How Do You Blend Working From Home and Family Life?

I know how to space out my time to work and spend time with family. I understand that there are dire deadlines to meet and so does my family.

Biggest Lesson Learned So Far?

I have learned about the symbiosis that is creating 5-star content for my clients’ growth and in return, I get to bolster my reputation and credibility.

Best Piece of Advice for New Freelancers?

As in any great business, the customer is number one. Put their interest first and you will receive the rewards later. I do suggest having your boundaries put in place. Some lines should never be crossed and you shouldn’t betray your beliefs for the sake of a client.

About the author

Isaac Solomon

Isaac Solomon

I am an avid foodie on Instagram and a video game streamer on Twitch and Facebook. My amicable personality and a strong sense of teamwork help me and my group thrive in projects. My style of writing has helped many and it can certainly help you as well.