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Freelance Spotlight: Dylan Martin

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Dylan Martin
Written by Dylan Martin

Tell us about yourself

My name is Dylan Martin and I am a freelance copywriter and content marketer. I got started in freelancing about two years ago on UpWork. Since then I have worked with dozens of clients on a variety of projects. 

These days I write for the cannabis, health and wellness, freelancing, and “prepper” niches. 

What is your skill and what does it involve?

My core skill is copywriting. I’ve written webpages, articles, landing pages, ads, social media posts, emails, product descriptions and reviews. 

Typical work involves talking to clients, understanding their problems, and coming up with deliverables that get results.

What do clients expect?

I usually come across two types of clients. One knows what they want; they just need someone to do the work. The other may not know what they want and they rely on you to come up with the ideas.

Clients just want to be able to make sure they can trust you to get the job done. A big part of getting work is proving to the client that I not only understand what they need but I’m also the right person for the job.

The type of work varies but clients usually will want an email series written for them or have the copy on their website done. Some work evolves to helping with marketing too.

Where do you find clients for this skill?

I’ve found the majority of my clients on Upwork. But I have found a few through referrals. These days I am focusing more on inbound strategies to find new work.

How do you work with clients?

After understanding what they need I work on a draft. I submit a draft to them for initial feedback. This way I can understand if I am on the right track or not. Most of the time they accept the 1st draft without a need for any revisions.

I do most of my communication through Upwork chat or Skype. I do sometimes text and have phone calls with clients too. It’s all based on what the client is comfortable with and prefers. I try to make the client feel I am easy to contact and talk to.

What has the pay range been like for you?

I started out with doing small jobs for small fixed prices. I gradually raised my hourly rates as I have done more work and received more feedback from clients.

These days I charge anywhere from $35-$50 an hour. But I prefer fixed prices because hourly work can be a bit stressful and feel like a job. Something like a basic landing page I can get $200-$300 and an article can net me roughly $100 each. 

How did you learn this skill?

I originally learned the skill by following a copywriting exercise thread on a business forum. I did all the exercises and then went straight to Upwork. The whole thing took me about a month to feel ready. I also completed an online course in the same timeframe. 

How long did it take to learn this skill?

Took me about one month to learn. Since then I have been increasing my skills and knowledge to become a better writer. 

I maintain my craft by reading and watching topics on writing, sales, marketing, psychology and communication. 

What is the worst part about this skill?

Sometimes I have gotten difficult clients. Other times I got myself stuck with a lot of work for little pay. Writer’s block can also be frustrating to overcome. 

While people think writing is easy, it’s actually a pretty tough job. 

What is the best part about this skill?

Feeling proud of my work. Doing work that matters and having others appreciate it. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

Niching down as soon as possible is essential. Without a niche and some sort of online presence, you won’t be making much money.

About the author

Dylan Martin

Dylan Martin

Dylan Martin is a freelance copywriter in the cannabis, health and wellness, and sustainable living and preparedness space. He helps small businesses and entrepreneurs promote their brand and sell more things.