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Freelance Spotlight: Carlos Figueira

Carlos Figueira - Notorious [F]
Written by Carlos Figueira

Editor’s Note: Freelance Spotlight is an ongoing weekly column that shines light on up and coming freelancers. Some of these freelancers are brand new while others have freelanced for years. We believe all freelancers have valuable insights to share, so we try to share pieces of their story here.

What is Your Name?

Carlos Figueira

What is Your Freelance Skill?


How Long Have You Freelanced?

Never, just started.

Tell Us About Your Freelance Business

I offer copyediting, proofreading and formatting, paragraphs, and headings of blog post articles, as well as eBooks for kindle, SEO, and some writing.

When Did You Know You Wanted to Become a Freelancer?

I have two websites but no customers. I need extra cash for advertisements and to help pay other related expenses.

What Motivated You To Become a Freelancer?

When I needed extra cash.

What is the Best Part of Freelancing?

Having the freedom of working practically from anywhere. 

Awaking up in the morning and not having to commute on into work.

No suit and tie or uniform.

What Are the Biggest Challenges You Face?

Getting invited to job posts.

Biggest Freelance Lesson Learned So Far?

I thought it would be much easier to find freelance work, but it isn’t. Even though it seems there is plenty of work, I’m up against better-qualified freelancers with job experience and endorsements.

Biggest Piece of Advice for New Freelancers?

The Best Advice for New Freelancers is to have an SEO portfolio. It plays an essential role in whether you get hired or not. Equally important, I highly recommend any new freelancer to take  Lex DeVille’s Advanced Proposal writing course. With the combination of the two, the newbie can increase the chance of finding the correct paying client on Upwork or elsewhere for that matter with much less frustration and disappointment.

About the author

Carlos Figueira

As a copy editor/proofreader, I helped the agency write and copy edit documents that determined expenses, tax status, business goals, risk tolerance, and other materials needed to uncover a wise financial plan. After ten years, I decided to pursue my lifetime ambition. Work from home as a freelancer. I just completed two online refresher courses in proofreading and copyediting successfully.