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Fiverr Adds New Languages, Expands Global Reach

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Written by Hussein Yassine

The behemoth online freelance marketplace, Fiverr, recently announced its decision to expand its global coverage by introducing French and Spanish languages to its rapidly-growing platform. By adding new languages, Fiverr hopes to reach out to the massive independent workforce that France and Spain harbor. 

The Data Supports Their Efforts

According to the latest data shared by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the two countries have an approximate total of 25 million self-employed citizens and 6 million small businesses.

This translates to about 12% of the total workforce in France, and 16% of that in Spain. These numbers are significant, and Fiverr has seen incredible potential for growth in their rich markets.

That potential was even more evident after the company saw “a 27% increase in visitors from France and a 42% increase in visitors from Spain” between mid-March and mid-April of this year, according to its founder and CEO, Micha Kaufman.

Kaufman attributes this increase to the stay-at-home policy that has been active in both countries due to COVID-19. He further explains that the pandemic-induced lockdown has caused most offline businesses in France and Spain to go completely out of service.

Shadow of Stagnation

Since France began enforcing its shelter-in-place orders on March 16th, Fiverr has recorded a 50% increase in customers from the country.

In nearly one month, Fiverr noted an extraordinary 95% boost in freelance registrations
With the shadow of stagnation looming over their unconnected businesses, many French business owners have begun to establish their online presence as a preventive measure against collapse.

The same can be said about Spain. Fiverr has said that its platform has seen a remarkable increase in freelancers and customers between early March and early April. 

In nearly one month, Fiverr noted an extraordinary 95% boost in freelance registrations and 61% in new customers.

It’s worth mentioning that these figures represent Spain alone, which is only one of 20 Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Similarly, French is the official language of 13 countries and the co-official language in 16 others.

New Languages Promote Fiverr’s Growth

The addition of the two new languages to Fiverr not only promotes growth in these two targeted countries of the European Union, but also in numerous others that may hold a strong base of independent workers.

The introduction of the French and Spanish is Fiverr’s latest step forward in the European territory that it recently began treading.

The Tel-Aviv-based company previously saw success when it added Dutch to its global platform, which encouraged it to further expand its lingual offerings.

Currently, Fiverr offers its international freelance platform in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

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