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Envato Marketplace Launches Elementor Template Kits!

Envato Launch Elementor Template Kits
Written by Hussein Yassine

Envato, a leading subscription-based digital marketplace, recently launched Elementor Template Kits; a simple, fast, inclusive way to build professional-looking websites with zero coding knowledge.

What Are Template Kits?

Template Kits draw their power from incredibly simple, yet cohesive and eye-catching layouts with endless customization options for any website using Envato’s Elementor page builder.

As the name implies, the kits offer readily-designed templates, which cover everything from homepages and portfolios to contact pages and everything in between.

Elementor Template Kits utilize a user-friendly block system with a drag-and-drop website building mechanism and are exclusively compatible with the Elementor builder at the time of writing.

Nonetheless, as Envato’s General Manager of Content, Cameron Gough, points out, “we fully expect to support multiple page builders within our new Template Kits category.” This includes the current default WordPress editor, WordPress Gutenberg.

Furthermore, in addition to the free themes offered by Elementor, it’s also possible to add the kits to the Elementor-compatible themes available on the online templates and themes marketplace Envato ThemeForest.

Using Template Kits, users can choose to build a complete website from scratch or improve upon the design and layout of their existing website, using the wide selection of highly customizable templates.

Elementor Template Kits vs WordPress Themes

As for the pressing question of whether Template Kits can replace traditional WordPress themes, Envato says it does not see that happening. 

This is because the many users who still prefer the pre-packaged, fully functional website templates, may continue to favor traditional WordPress themes.

On the other hand, Cameron Gough says that the company has seen an increase in customers who want to develop complete websites from a page builder foundation rather than a full WordPress theme.

“For these customers,” he asserts, “Template Kits provide a leg up on design.”

It is this same increase, alongside the rising customer demand for templates compatible with the Elementor builder, that prompted Envato to roll out this new offering.

The slick, premium, and professional feel that the extensive and coding-free Template Kits radiate, coupled with their remarkable ease of use and time-saving attributes, makes for a great choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy option to design or improve their website.

To get your hands on the new Elementor Template Kits, all you need is an active Envato Elements subscription. 

After downloading the kits through the subscription service, you import them through WordPress and begin to use them through Elementor.

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