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Can You Be Overqualified for Upwork Gigs?

Can You Be Overqualified for Upwork Gigs?
Written by Lex DeVille

Never thought you’d be overqualified for Upwork eh? Turns out, you can be. Here’s the story behind that…

Yesterday I posted a gig on Upwork and got a lot of proposals. Most of those got archived because they sucked and weren’t a good fit for the job. But a few seemed too qualified. In other words they were overqualified for Upwork. What a weird problem to have.

As a client I find myself thinking, why does this person want the job? If they were a lead writer for Yahoo, or Google or Forbes or wherever, then why would they apply to a $25/article gig? It doesn’t make sense.

When Something Feels Off It Usually Is

In freelance land when things don’t make sense, it means something’s off. And when something feels off, the gig usually doesn’t go well. That’s something you learn through experience.

So even though some of the applicants had really strong credibility, they didn’t get hired.

Right now I’m considering freelancers from non-native English countries over U.S. and Canadian freelancers with big credibility markers because something seems off about them based on their proposal.

Use the Right Credibility for the Client

When you reach out to clients, you need the right credibility for the client and the job.

Just because you were the CEO for Tesla doesn’t mean you should say that. Not if you want a response. When you use credibility that the client doesn’t find valuable, you get archived like everybody else.

As always, it’s a matter of value creation.

Ditch the Ego

If you use credibility that only serves your ego, rather than because it is valuable for the individual client and their needs, then you’ll get archived EVEN IF you are too qualified for the job.

Here’s two questions to ask yourself before you apply to gigs:

  1. Who is the client?
  2. What do they really need from you?

I guarantee it’s not fast delivery and copyscape. It’s not 10 years experience and a Bachelor’s degree. But It’s also not Tom Brokaw for $25 news articles. There’s no way in hell…

Use the right credibility for the client and their needs.

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  • As I read someone joke once… to get approved in Upwork you have to be too good for Upwork. It’s most likely that those approved freelancers either lied to make sure they got approved or those credibility markers are overblown.

  • Overqualified? Strange, but it is an additional pizza for me. I have got more to eat and fill my freelance tummy.

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