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Breaking Bad: My Journey From 9 to 5 Strive to Beach Life!

Breaking Bad: My Journey
Written by Christina Hibbert

When I was little, I would mimic and try to emulate my role models. The problem was, copying what they were doing didn’t seem to make me happy. I said nothing but stared blankly at the path in front of me. Graduate, get a job and stick with it until retirement. This was not what I wanted my life to be! I had to break the mold before the mold broke me.

Let me give you an insight as to why my gamble paid off and how it shaped me from a worrier into a warrior.

Breaking down

It soon became apparent that I was failing over and over again at trying to blend in.

I was impulsive. I changed jobs more often than most people change their socks. You name it, I’ve probably done it!

The pattern was always the same: Enthusiasm, success, exhaustion, burn out. If one had made a statistical analysis of my career, it would have had more ups and downs than a hedgehog’s back, however, if you saw that same analysis of my pulse rate, I was flat lining.

Was this all? Where was the excitement, where was the passion?

Breaking free

Following my own path started with leaving Germany. I was always drawn to the sea and I ended up living in Barcelona, starting from scratch without a clue what happens tomorrow. I never felt so alive!!

With every challenge I overcame, my confidence increased. My agenda was clear, I wanted to push myself and my career without being chained to a desk, without working from 9 am to 5 pm, and without working my fingers to the bone to make someone else’s dreams come true.

I had my own dreams. I realized that all the jobs I have done in the past were now of huge benefit. My spectrum of knowledge was not necessarily expert-level deep, but still, very broad!

So I took the first steps. I registered on a few websites to assist with a couple of projects remotely, to be honest, I can’t say that I was passionate and excited about every project I took on, but I had finally taken control of my own life and on my terms. Instead of squeezing into my uncomfortable office heels every day, my new foot attire was flip flops.

I was busy, I was working hard. And I was free.

Breaking through

Today, I am not only working remotely as a freelancer. I am also a proud mother and wife. I followed my dreams and it ignited a passion inside me. A passion to write.

I was uncertain at first, maybe I would feel a little lonely doing this freelance stuff?! In fact, surely I would; I would be my only colleague!

But reality is, there’s a massive community that I am now a part of. So many people who overcame the struggle, pushed past surviving and are now thriving in rotation, same as me. And finally I feel like I found a place in my own puzzle. With my feet in the sand, the sun on my face and a career that is close to my heart.

About the author

Christina Hibbert

This is Christina Hibbert. A multilingual creative professional. She was born in Germany and now lives in Barcelona, Spain. In her spare time, she enjoys jungle exploration and wilderness survival.