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Lex DeVille

Lex DeVille is a copywriter and freelance instructor who has trained more than 10,000 freelance students across 133 countries to start and grow profitable freelance businesses. If you'd like his help with that, then click the link in the bottom right corner to visit his website.

Hussein Yassine

Hussein Yassine is a lifelong gaming aficionado and technology enthusiast. He also happens to be an avid writer, so he writes about these and other interesting topics. When he's not writing or gaming, he can usually be found fumbling around his piano.

Elvira Strinosa

Elvira is an Assistant Editor and News Writer for Notorious [F]. She has served in various freelance positions over the past four years including copyeditor, copywriter, and content writer. When she isn't writing, or editing, she spends her time reading sappy romance novels and taking long walks outdoors.

Imelda Minoza

I'm an experienced Virtual Assistant who has been working as a freelancer for over 7 years now. I help clients lessen their business workloads so they can focus on important tasks and be more productive. I'm computer savvy, multi task-oriented and I have a passion for acquiring new skills.

Dobrica Frankevich

Dobrica is an experienced copywriter with 8+ years of freelance work. She’s specialized in the health and wellness niche, clinical research, as well as in the areas of freelancing, remote working, HR and SaaS. With a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Digital Marketing Specialist certificate, she helps businesses grow with the help of content and social media marketing. To get in touch with Dobrica, visit her Upwork profile below or shoot her an email.

Angelica Genilo

Angelica is a highly-driven and passionate freelance writer from the Philippines. She writes on all things tech, productivity, and culture. On the weekends, you can catch her watching old classic films or reading a good book.

Harpreet Kaur

An enthusiastic multitasker, Harpreet loves creating content. While she finds solace in poetry, sports and technology also excite her. Albeit, she is blessed with impeccable management skills, which she loves showing off as well as sharing with her readers!

Christina Hibbert

This is Christina Hibbert. A multilingual creative professional. She was born in Germany and now lives in Barcelona, Spain. In her spare time, she enjoys jungle exploration and wilderness survival.

David Wanjohi

David Wanjohi is a freelance content writer who enjoys all things mindset, personal growth and development, and entrepreneurship. During his free time, he enjoys reading books from Robin Sharma, Tim Ferris, and Stephen Covey. In his current role, he is using his expertise to help businesses and entrepreneurs communicate their message effectively on the web. For more information, find him on Upwork and LinkedIn.

Alfredo Avila

I'm a professional writer and digital marketer with 5+ years of experience, BA in International Relations and MIB. Passionate about great content, marvelous food & good conversations!

Goran Kruhonja

Do you need more clients and sales for your business? Send me an email now for a free consultation. I’ll be glad to help.

Amanda Whittington

Hey, there, I’m Amanda, and I help clients encourage, inspire, and uplift their readers through all kinds of content, such as gardening, lifestyle, spirituality, and raising children. I have experience with writing a variety of content types, including blog posts, devotionals, sermons, and articles. Please let me know how I can help you get the content you need for your business.

Carlos Figueira

As a copy editor/proofreader, I helped the agency write and copy edit documents that determined expenses, tax status, business goals, risk tolerance, and other materials needed to uncover a wise financial plan. After ten years, I decided to pursue my lifetime ambition. Work from home as a freelancer. I just completed two online refresher courses in proofreading and copyediting successfully.

Maryam Ahmed

Maryam Ahmed is a freelance writer for hire who offers blogging services. She is passionate about writing in the digital marketing niche. Contact her on upwork or on email.

John Clancy

John Clancy is a copywriter and content writer with 5 years professional experience. From his home in the scenic Irish countryside, he's helped dozens of coaches, consultants, agencies and busy entrepreneurs find the perfect words to share their message with the world. Books, articles, ads, or just some advice - whatever you need, he's here to help. To get in touch with John, visit his website below.

Nilima Pulate

I’m a student of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra, India. Writing articles and short stories is something I learned with time. Through experiences I started writing and eventually getting good feedback from the readers. Currently I'm writing for Medium and Wordpress blog. I’m a beginner in the field of writing still giving my best to deliver good readings for all the readers.

Ivana Koycheva

My name is Ivana and I am originally from Bulgaria. I lived half a year in Spain during my internship as a Business Developer. I am currently finishing my last year of bachelor in International Tourism Management in the Netherlands. I am passionate about art, travel, gym and writing. I love challenges and learning new things.

Emma Wilde

With a degree in business and a passion for writing, I understand how important quality content is for any brand. I have enjoyed the chance to travel internationally and to create compelling content for organisations all around the world. I have experience in many different sectors and I love creating a range of new and exciting content for my clients.

Jimmy Davis

Jimmy Davis, husband and father of three, is a freelance writer, cannabis advocate, and comedian native to Georgia. He has been seen on MTV’s Ridiculousness and his exploits written about in King magazine. Jimmy has attained a degree in business and has worked as a chef, truck driver, income tax preparer, and marketing expert. Jimmy’s story is an inspiration, as he has overcome severe weight issues, conquered legal issues with marijuana, and persevered after being abandoned by his parents shortly after birth.

Justin Then

Justin Then is an entrepreneur and agency consultant based out of Ontario, Canada with over 7 years of freelancing experience, on both the client side and the contractor side.

Nuru Hassan

Hi... I am Nuru Hassan. A bilingual who loves reading and writing.

Lach Ravelo

Lach Ravelo is a copywriter and content marketing specialist. She helps entrepreneurs, business coaches, and marketers go from obscure to popular through compelling copy and extensive content creation. You may find her @lachravelo at all social media platforms and at *

Isaac Solomon

I am an avid foodie on Instagram and a video game streamer on Twitch and Facebook. My amicable personality and a strong sense of teamwork help me and my group thrive in projects. My style of writing has helped many and it can certainly help you as well.

Dylan Martin

Dylan Martin is a freelance copywriter in the cannabis, health and wellness, and sustainable living and preparedness space. He helps small businesses and entrepreneurs promote their brand and sell more things.