A Light in the Dark: Freelance Optimism in COVID-19

A light in the dark
Written by Nilima Pulate

COVID-19 has caused hard times for everyone, including for the millions of people who freelance around the world. But rather than worrying about it, how can freelancers deal with it? How can we find a light in the dark?

In this article, I’ll break down the COVID-19 pandemic to show how freelancers can survive while making an impact on the rest of the world.

1. The other side of the coin

The world is aware of the current pandemic scenario of COVID-19. Everyone is doing their best to minimize its consequences and effects. These are dark times, indeed.

But even in the darkest of times, there are rays of hope.

Every coin has two sides. It’s up to each of us to decide which side we look at. So, today let’s flip to the other side of the coin.

COVID-19 has affected the entire world. Entire economies have locked down as a safety precaution. This has left many feeling trapped in our homes because we’re forced to avoid social gatherings and public places.

So what is the bright side?

To answer that we need to peer deeper into the freelance industry.

2. How can freelancers find balance?

Freelancers have a variety of opportunities compared with other sectors. We can make money with many skills such as web development, design, photography, teaching, tutoring, writing, sales, marketing, social media, news media, search engine optimization, etc.

Each of these verticals includes a large number of freelancers and they’ve all been affected by COVID-19.

And unlike traditional employees, not every freelancer enjoys steady pay for their work. There are some who earn almost nothing. Add that to the stress and fear caused by the pandemic and life becomes even harder to deal with.

But worrying isn’t the answer. This is about finding optimistic perspectives in dark times. So how can you cut back on some of that anxiety and worry? How can you begin to calm your mind?

One way I’ve found helpful is meditation. The act of sitting in a quiet room, breathing in and out, and letting thoughts come and go while the world is at peace is one of the most helpful practices to ease pandemic fears.

There’s no right way to do it. Just do it. Just sit calmly and comfortably and breathe. It helps restore the mind to a place of balance.

3. How can freelancers use lockdown effectively?

Because of lockdown, people remain at home and spend more time with family. They play nostalgic games indoors, and importantly, they talk with each other rather than consuming endless social media. There’s also more time to learn and do things than before.

In life’s rat race we’ve been given permission to slow down for a change. To think about new ways to live life to the fullest, and how we complicate life in the process of trying to make it simple.

COVID-19 is a tragedy, but it can help us find meaning in life.

While people remain home, roads go without traffic. As a result, pollution rates have changed. That means we have a real chance to experience fresh air, maybe for the first time in our lives.

Birds and animals roam free undisturbed. In a way, the world has shifted back toward the way nature might have intended.

4. What is the Earth trying to convey?

There are many theories about the source of COVID-19. Is it natural or man-made? Regardless of where it came from, what if we ask a different question that might help us go forward?

What does the Earth want from us?

Maybe Mother Earth wants us to stay at home and think about how humans affect the planet. Or maybe she wants us to think beyond this. So what can we do with this?

In any case, one of the best ways to find a light in the dark is to think about how we can improve the world in the future.

Since it’s hard to notice our individual impact on society, maybe it’s enough to simply ask this question. But we can also consider other ways freelancers can do their part to help out.

5. How can freelancers contribute?

First, we need to understand that one person can’t change everything alone, but if we all make small changes then big transformations can happen fast.

COVID-19 has disturbed our lives, but this will pass in time. For now, we can save our loved ones and hopefully stop the spread of the virus by staying home.

During this period of lockdown, we’ve realized how life can suddenly change. From today onward, we must focus on new sustainable living efforts rather than consumption.

Governments alone can’t save us. Remember, governments are made of people. People who also need support. So we need to maintain peace within ourselves so we are prepared to support others in the ways they need.

Here are some ways freelancers can help:

  • Stay home within reason
  • Avoid sharing every social meme you come across
  • Try to understand alternate perspectives from your own
  • Be open to new ideas

We are all in this together, so we all have to work together to create the changes we want to see. But the world is challenged by a great deal of confusion. It’s hard to know who to trust. So it helps to keep an open mind and consider other positions outside of our own.

6. What steps should we take next?

While our individual role may be limited by stay-at-home orders and economic lockdown, and while we may face a great deal of fear and uncertainty, the next step for freelancers is to find your light in the dark.

Start to look for the positives in the negatives. Bring your attention back to the good in the world instead of only focusing on the bad.

From there we can start to recover from COVID-19. Someday we might even overcome it. For now, we have to survive. Survive and find ways to help others survive so we can lift each other up and carry on as we always have before.

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Nilima Pulate

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