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4 Ways to Help Separate Work and Home Life When You Work From Home

Separate work and home life
Written by Harpreet Kaur

Working from home sure has its perks but has anyone told you how exhausting it can be to try to juggle in between? Well, let me guess, you are excited about being your boss, but do you know about the boundaries you need so you don’t drive yourself insane? Working from home can prompt us to switch off our devices and hibernate. Something we might not do in an office. However, there are some ways that can help you separate work life from home life and help you stay productive and in charge of your work when you work from home.

Set and Stick to Your Working Hours

Working from home requires you to be able to manage yourself. Setting and sticking to your working hours is key to a successful journey. You can easily work throughout the day and leave some pending work for the night. However, this may result in potential health issues and overworking as well. If you set an 8-hour plan for your work, you can achieve your goal faster without burdening yourself. It also helps you make time for family and friends. So, when you see 6 pm on the clock, its time to close your screen and make way for your personal life.

Plan Your Day and Take Breaks

Planning is important because you need to prioritize your work. There will be moments when you may not feel like working at all. Listen to your body and use this time to take a break. Freelancers can really only thrive while working from home when they know their limits.

Try to fit in a couple of minutes of exercise just before you head up for a shower too. It will help you take control of your body and relax your mind. Make sure you change into something more office-appropriate. This doesn’t mean you have to wear makeup or heels, but avoid pajamas too. Once you are done with your breakfast, start your day. Also, for lunch, try to join your family for “catch up” time.

Make Space for Work

Just because you work where you live doesn’t mean you have to work where you eat. Well, anything can work as long as it doesn’t disturb your peace. Invest in a chair and table and put it in the quietest corner of your house. Your work space is ready! In this way, you can distinguish between your work and personal life easily.

Take Days Off Seriously

At home it can be tricky to separate go-time from play time. You can easily sit down to check an email and suddenly you’re off to the races with work. There are days when completing a task in your free time is essential, but don’t let that become the norm and turn into a habit. Taking time off from work is important for your physical and mental health. In addition, days off contribute to your becoming more productive for the rest of the week. So, make sure there is at least one day in the week when you unplug from work completely.

At home a lot of stuff can challenge you and it can be hard to separate work and home life. There needs to be a work-life balance so you keep track of your work and your personal life. Infuse the steps mentioned above into your daily routine and enjoy how you begin to thrive!

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