4 Simple Ways to Earn 5-Star Feedback

4 Simple Ways to Get 5-Star Feedback
Elvira Strinosa
Written by Elvira Strinosa

Earning 5-star feedback is essential for platform freelancers. By platform, I mean freelancers who work through Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, or any other freelance website. Most freelance websites have some kind of feedback system. Some allow reviews while others only offer ratings. Regardless, you need to keep your ratings up if you want to grow.

Below are four tips to help you improve your ratings and earn 5-star feedback for every single gig. For context, I’ve never had anything below 5-stars. Not even once. Everything below is what I do to help me earn 5-star feedback every time. You don’t have to use them all, but use whichever methods you think will work best for you.

Method 1 – Pre-suade the Client to Love You From the Get-Go

In Robert Cialdini’s best-selling book, Pre-suasion, he teaches readers how to set people up to be persuaded. The key is to apply tactics that increase the chances of persuading someone before the persuasion attempt is made.

To do this with clients, you have to set them up early. I do this at the beginning of each gig, even before we’ve worked together.

For example, while wrapping up a sales call, I’ll say something like:

“I’m really excited to work for you, Jim. After you see what I can do, I promise you’ll be so impressed you’ll wish you could rate me six stars instead of just five!


It’s an empty statement to the client, but I’ve just dropped two pre-suasion bombs!

First, I told Jim he’ll be impressed with what I can do. Even if what I do isn’t that impressive, the chances it will be impressive for Jim have increased. Second, I planted the idea that Jim is going to rate me five stars because five stars are the only option besides six.

Method 2 – Ask for 5-Star Feedback Specifically

A second tactic I use to earn 5-star feedback is to ask for it. There are two strategically placed moments when this works best. The first is upon delivery of my work, and the second is after the client verbally states their approval.

Either of these moments presents a good opportunity to ask for 5-stars.

When I ask for feedback upon delivery, I send my question as a message alongside the delivery. Usually, I say something like:

“Hi Jim, I’ve just finished up your writing and it’s ready for your review. If there are any adjustments, let me know. If not, and if you’re happy with my work, could you add five-star feedback to help me grow? I’m happy to do the same for you!”


Sometimes I don’t feel it’s the right moment to ask for 5-star feedback at delivery, so I’ll wait for the client to share their thoughts first. Clients who love my work almost always tell me all about it. So I wait for them to say how happy they are and how much they love me. After making statements like that, it’s hard to refuse 5-star feedback, so that’s when I strike with something like:

“Thanks so much, Jim! I’m so glad to hear that you love my work! Is there anything else I can do for you? If not, would you add 5-star feedback for me when you close the gig? I’ll do the same for you. Thanks again!”


There’s no way the client can counter this. He just said my work was good. He has absolutely nothing to lose by adding 5-stars. Plus, I told him I’d do the same. Refusing at this point would not only be inconsistent with his self-image, but it would make him a huge jerk!

One thing to be careful of with this approach is specifying “5-stars” when you ask for feedback. Some platforms have rules against asking for a specific rating. You don’t want to break the platform’s rules because it could get you kicked out. To be safe, double-check your platform’s terms of use before you ask for feedback.

Method 3 – Give 5 Stars to Get 5 Stars

Sometimes I give feedback first. I mainly do this for clients when I’m not 100% sure they loved my work, especially if they’ve already closed the gig and haven’t left feedback yet.

When this happens I give clients a good rating and a good review if that is an option. Then I message the client to let them know I left them good feedback. Here’s what I say:

Hi Jim, thanks for letting me write for you. I really appreciate you giving me a chance, and I enjoyed working with you. I went ahead and gave you 5-star feedback! Could you add feedback for me too? It really helps me grow. Thank you!”


There are three important keys to this approach.

First, I thank the client to warm them up. Second, I mention the specific feedback I gave them. I let them know I added 5-stars to plant the rating I want in their brain. Third, I do NOT ask for 5-stars in return because I don’t want them to feel pressured by my rating. If they feel pressured, then the request might seem insincere which could lead to a lower rating!

Method 4 – Just Deliver Good Work for God’s Sake!

The last thing I do to earn good feedback is to deliver the best work I possibly can. Maybe it seems like a given. I hope so because that means you probably do this too (and you should!).

Usually, when freelancers get poor feedback, it’s because they delivered sub-par work. Most clients who like your work or who are neutral with the result will leave no feedback, not poor feedback. Poor feedback is the result of poor work.

The easiest way to improve your chances to get good feedback and a 5-star rating is to do the best you can. Don’t slack off. Don’t cut corners. Don’t take shortcuts to speed things up.

Do good work and you will earn 5-star feedback.

Alright, now it’s your turn. Let me know your best tips to get 5-star feedback in a comment below! Thanks!

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